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What is Presmate?
Presentation application for sales and marketing support
Medical and Pharmacy presentation tool for tablet
Multimedia tutorial with personalized content
Playful and interactive communication framework
Why Presmate?
Presmate is an e-detailer framework that enables you to give your customers spectacular presentations. Forget your limitations! Personalized content according to your goals.
Great knowledge not only for the big ones

Presmate e-detail is designed to provide the ideal solution for companies who cannot afford to use the larger edetailers.

Economical license options with uncompromised services.

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Many features in one app

Presmate is suitable for displaying static and dynamic content. You can shoot still images, create text pages, moving animations, or interactive content and videos.

You can easily move between content. The built-in navigation menu and the thumbnail view help you navigate.

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Personalized growth opportunities

Presmate is a state-of-the-art marketing tool that creates the conditions for your business to grow. We will find the most fitting solution for you.

We help design the content and produce the desired material. You only need to download the app to your tablet. You can start using it with one single license as well.

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What does e-detailing mean?

E-detailing is a personalized presentation process when a representative visits a client and presents a product or service by using an electronic device, typically a tablet, for the presentation.

This method has the advantage that you can create highly suggestive content with the tool (such as interactive slides, animations, games) that helps the client to get involved. In addition, multimedia items (tones, pictures, moving pictures) can have a much greater effect than using conventional printed communication tools.

This tool is typically used for Medical and Pharmacy presentations by Pharmaceutical companies but may also be used in other areas.

Presmate has virtually all the features that major e-detailing or CLM systems provide.
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Updated content in one click
Menu system and thumbnails
Highlighting and drawing
PDF documents, user guides
References, bibliography links
Attached content by email
Tree-based navigation
Games, interactive and animated sites
Who chose us?
The Presmate e-detailing system is used by more and more domestic and foreign companies.
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Fresenius Kabi Amicus Pharma Bristol-Meyers Squibb
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